Book Review:  Shadow of a Girl

Title:  Shadow of a Girl

Author:  Shannon Greenland

Release Date:  September 19, 2016

Genre: Young Adult / Romance

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Spoilers ahead…Sheer YA perfection!  I can sum this book up in just a few words: Heart-wrenching, empowering, and beautiful.

Shadow of a Girl is a gripping coming of age tale that chronicles Eve and West’s path to love, acceptance, and healing.  Eve harbors a heart-breaking secret.  West carries guilt for a situation that was beyond his control.  They meet after Eve interviews for a job as a roadie for “Indie Fest”.  The two of them quickly develop a friendship despite Eve’s initial hesitance.

Fans of young adult contemporary romance will love this book.  The plot and writing are flawless.  The novel was well planned and executed.  You know from the very beginning that Eve has a horrifying secret, but the details aren’t revealed until after you’ve developed a bond with her.  The opening paragraph pulls the reader into the action and doesn’t let go.  I was completely engrossed in the story after only a few minutes and couldn’t wait to see how the story would end.  I completed it in a day.  The plot takes a few twists I didn’t anticipate, but I love a surprise now and again.

The most impressive aspect of the novel were the main characters.  Eve and West are both beautifully flawed characters.  Their search for love and acceptance comes from very different places.  One of them has never been touched lovingly by those who should love them unconditionally.  The other has lost the love of someone very important.  They are utterly perfect for one another and fulfill a need each of them desperately longs for.   Eve is broken, but not beaten.  Her strength is remarkable.  West is like sunlight.  Always friendly and open.  I loved these two together!

I will reiterate that this is YA perfection.  Several common young adult tropes are present: inattentive, abusive, or dead parents, coming of age story, mentions of sex, drugs, or alcohol, and the main characters are teenagers.  If that’s not your gig, this book may not be for you.  However, if you like well-written books with beautiful characters who are determined to overcome obstacles to find happiness; you will not be disappointed reading this book.  I rate it 5 stars

**ARC received from Entangled Publishing via NetGalley for honest review**

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