Book Review: Tyrant

Title:  Tyrant

Author:  T. M. Frazier

Series:  King Book 2

Release Date:  August 16, 2015

Genre:  Contemporary Romance / Dark Romance

Audiobook:  Narrated by Molly Glenmore and Rob Shapiro

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Slight spoilers/warnings ahead.

I really enjoyed Tyrant and was completely riveted throughout.  With that said, there were a couple situations I was totally uncomfortable with.  I should have read some of the warnings in other reviews regarding rape/abuse.  I would have read Tyrant anyway to see how Doe and King’s story ends, but been a little more prepared.  Since I’m such a nosey bugger, I really want to read the rest of the series to see how Bear’s story ends, but I doubt I will.  I don’t know that my heart can take it.

Here’s what I liked about this book:  The storyline and plot twists were very well-done.  With the exception of the rape/abuse scene, I was amazed.  The pace was exceptional.  The twists and turns are well placed and increased my enjoyment of the book.  I love that the story is completely unpredictable and we learn a lot of the secrets along with the Doe.

This is an action-packed book.  There wasn’t a dull moment throughout.  I was on the edge of my seat the entire time.  Gripping sums it up nicely.  Once you’re pulled in, you have to hang on tight until this wild and crazy ride ends.

The main characters were exceptional.  Doe and King grow so much over the course of the two books.  I loved the progression of their relationship and the unconditional love they both exhibit.  Their story wraps up beautifully.  I enjoyed experiencing it with them.

Preppy!  Yep, one-word.  I’m so glad we get to see him again even if it was a little unconventional.  That ending was so great.  I laughed and cried.  Well done Ms. Frazier, well done indeed!!

Here’s what I didn’t like:  Did I mention the rape/abuse?  Yep, I’m a pansy and I admit it, but that just doesn’t do for me.  If you enjoy raw, dark and gritty romance, you’re golden.  Other than that complaint, this book is awesome.

Audiobook Review:  Both Molly Glenmore and Rob Shapiro both did a fantastic job narrating this dual POV novel!  Each character has a distinctive voice.  The inflections were spot on and added to my enjoyment of the book.  I’m a little impatient so I listen at an accelerated pace (1.5x).  That pace was perfect for me.  I thoroughly enjoyed each of these narrators and would recommend this book based on their performance.

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