Book Review: Winter

Title:  Winter

Author:  Marissa Meyer

Series:  The Lunar Chronicles

Genre:  Fantasy / Young Adult

Audiobook:  Narrated by Rebecca Soler

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I didn’t want this book to end.  I kept frantically checking my progress.  It’s been a while since I’ve read a YA book that completed took over my life.  I’m thinking…not since HP and the Half-Blood Prince have I been this utterly enamored by a series.  It’s been a wonderful journey, but all good things…. sadly…. come to an end.   Okay, enough mindless gushing.

Winter is Book 4 of the Lunar Chronicles by the talented Marissa Meyer.  It’s a thrilling conclusion to this imaginative and action packed series.  Winter Hayle-Blackburn is the beautiful and beloved princess of Luna.  As Queen Levana’s step-daughter, she carries the title of princess, but has no royal blood.  Fortunately, she also has none of the mortifying morality flaws of her people.  She refuses to use her lunar gift and therefore has developed lunar sickness which makes her crazy.  Literally, Crazy.  She’s a complete nutter folks.  But she’s also super funny, sweet and compassionate.  I couldn’t help myself; I loved her crazy ramblings and don’t even get me started on her propensity to howl.  I almost lost myself in a fit of giggles the first time I heard it.

I experienced the full range of emotions while reading this book.  Winter made me gasp, laugh, sigh, and cry.  Yep.  Tears were shed!

The relationship between Winter and Scarlet was one the most impressive things about this book.  The relationship between Winter and Jacin was even better.  I’d always liked the haughty guard, but now I totally love him.

Each of the heroine’s storylines come to a satisfying close in this dramatic conclusion of The Lunar Chronicles.  Cinder, Cress, Scarlet, and Winter each find their place in the world and their happily ever after.  The story and performance were both flawless.  This was a home-run on all fronts.  If you haven’t read this title yet.  Grab it now.  You will not be disappointed.  I recommend this series to anyone who enjoys fantasy, sci-fi, YA, or really great imaginative and innovative reads!  Think of it as a cross between Star Wars, Firefly, with a few BSG themes thrown in sporadically.  Sheer awesomeness!  Marissa Meyer has a wonderful gift and I’m so glad she shared it with us.

Audiobook Review:  Rebecca Soler did a fantastic job bringing all these characters to life, but Winter in particular was very enjoyable.  The light, breathy, sing-song voice perfectly matched my expectations.  Rebecca Soler performed each character perfectly.  Each voice is distinctive and the accents are true to life.  I’d rate her performance A+ and wouldn’t hesitate to purchase additional titles read by Ms. Soler.  Her performance definitely added to my enjoyment of this series.

I rate it: 5 stars

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