Book Review: Yours Royally

Title:  Royally Yours

Author:  Krista Lakes

Release Date:  October 21, 2016

Genre:  Contemporary Romance

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Yours Royally is a sweet and cuddly romance with a few spicy bits.  It’s a modern day spin on the Cinderella story minus the wicked step-sisters.

Hard-working and down to earth Sabrina Wise interviews for the job of a lifetime.  It’s a 3-month long position serving as personal assistant to a traveling foreigner.  The job pays well enough to fund Sabrina’s dream of attending college.  Obviously, she’s beyond excited to make the most of the opportunity.  The only problem… she has no clue who she’s really working for.  The handsome and secretive Marco is vacationing in the U.S. and requires an assistant for the length of his stay.  Sabrina fits his needs perfectly….in more ways than one.

What I liked about this book:  Sabrina – the heroine is genuine, hard-working, and comes from humble beginnings.  She’s very likable and genuine.

Marco- the hero is handsome, sweet, and giving.

The chemistry between these two is great.  They have fun together and genuinely like each other.

The book is funny.  There’s humor throughout.

Overall, this is a funny, sweet, romantic read.  My only complaint would be that certain aspects of the story wrapped up a little too neatly.  It was a little OTT.  Other than that, I’d recommend this book to readers who enjoy sweet, low-angst, humorous romances.

I rate it:  four-stars


** Advance reader copy provided by author**

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