Book Review: I Choose You

Title:  I Choose You

Author:  Krista Lakes

Series:  Secret Billionaires

Release Date:  10/19/2016

Genre:  Contemporary Romance

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I Choose You is a super cute romance!

Recent college graduate, Alicia Chambers meets her dream man in the most embarrassing way.   He literally catches her mid fall to prevent her from face-planting while out to dinner with her family.  She thinks he’s gorgeous and hopes to spark a conversation, but he leaves before she has the opportunity to approach him.   Luckily, she happens to run into the sexy stranger while out walking with her younger brother.  They quickly bond over the latest hot game Monster Go (think Pokémon Go) and computing software design.  Soon they’re meeting up to play the game together.  It doesn’t take long for them to develop feelings and start dating in earnest.  But will Alicia’s prospective job ruin their chance at romance?

What I liked:  This story contains two of my favorite tropes – secret billionaire and surprise pregnancy.  The hero, Jacob Rigby is super sweet and sexy.  The heroine is smart, funny, and creative.  The bedroom scenes are HOT.  This book features one of the best apology scenes EVER!

I only had one minor critique:  There were a few instances where I felt like I was dropped in the middle of the action.  In one scene in particular a dog is mentioned, but I don’t recall the heroine Alicia even mentioning she had a dog.  Nothing major will detract from this cute and quick read.

I’d recommend to contemporary romance lovers, who enjoy secret billionaires  romances.   I rate it:  four-stars

Additional info:  This book is included with Amazon Kindle Unlimited membership.


**I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader copy provided by the Author**

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