Book Review: Hitched

Title:  Hitched

Author:  Kendall Ryan

Series:  Imperfect Love #1

Release Date:  July 5, 2016

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Audiobook: Ava Erickson and Teddy Hamilton

Goodreads Blurb   Purchase on Amazon

To gain controlling interest in their joint family business, Olivia and Noah must marry each other.  Their responses to this startling fact is very entertaining.  Unexpectedly, recently reformed man-whore Noah is actually on board with the plan. However, it’s going to take some convincing to get Olivia on board. 

Here’s what I liked: Noah is a great character.  He’s not what I expected at all.  As a former man-whore, he’s cocky (in more ways than one) and self-assured, but also open, supportive, and caring.  I totally dug that!  The story is well written and includes great banter.  It has witty and sexy dialogue.  Olivia is a strong hard-working woman.  She’s more than just a pretty face.

My one major critique of this book is the cliffhanger.  I went into this knowing there would be a cliffhanger (so that’s totally on me), but I’m still scratching my head at the ending. 

Overall, this was a quick enjoyable read. I really enjoyed it.  It’s funny, sweet, entertaining, and sexy.   I have to admit, I expected more steam after reading the blurb and a few reviews, but that wasn’t a major issue.  I’m looking forward to reading the remaining books in this series to see how Noah and Olivia’s story ends. 

I rate it: four-stars

Audiobook review:  The story is told from dual POV, so the Audible version is narrated by Ava Erickson and Teddy Hamilton.  Ms. Erickson did a great job narrating the story.  I was not impressed by Mr. Hamilton.  I had to speed this one up a bit (1.5X) to really enjoy it.  The narration was just okay.  This title is Whyspersync if you own the Kindle version.

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