Book Review: Turbulence by Whitney Gracia Williams

Title:  Turbulence

Author:  Whitney G.

Series:  Stand-alone

Release Date: 

Genre: Contemporary Romance

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Jake Weston is an emotional unavailable pilot who begins a no strings attached relationship with Gillian, a flight attendant who has never had a one-night stand.  If that isn’t a recipe for emotional drama; I don’t know what is.  They break all the rules during their whirlwind affair and I loved every single second of it.

What I liked:  Jake Weston is my new favorite alpha-hole book boyfriend!  He’s sexy, rude, arrogant, and absolutely perfect!  This book is everything I love about romance.  It’s funny, full of drama, and SO VERY HOT.   I read this book in one sitting, but don’t worry… my husband, children, and pets weren’t ignored (much) during the reading of this book.

What didn’t work for me:  There were a few minor editing issues.  Also, I’m not a fan of bouncing back and forth chronologically, but none of that matters with a book this good.  If you haven’t 1-clicked this yet; you are missing out!

Overall, Whitney G. outdid herself with this one!  I really liked her Reasonable Doubt series, but totally I LOVE this one!

I rate it:  four-and-a-half-starsMile-High Stars


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