My Fangirl Down Moment and Signed Paperback Giveaway

I consider myself a well put together professional woman and was convinced I would hold it together when I finally meet authors in person (I’m going to my first signing in 2 weeks).  Boy was I wrong.  And here’s the crazy part…. I had a total fangirl moment not from meeting one of my favorites authors in person, but over FaceTime!!  Yep!  That’s my life!

To see how the story began, check out my Blog Bestie’s post HERE.

I’ll give you the cliff notes version, Corina from Happily Ever After Book Reviews met Aurora Rose Reynold at an event in San Francisco a few weeks ago.  Prior to attending the signing, Corina and I discussed must see authors.  I’m passionate about the authors and books I love, so I gushed about a few attending authors.  At the top of my list was Aurora.  If you haven’t read her books and love alpha heroes and sassy heroines, YOU ARE MISSING OUT!  Check out her author page on Amazon and grab a book or two.  I’ve read the Until Series, Until Her Series, Until Him Series, and Underground Kings series.  My absolute Favorites are Until Nico (Until Series), Until June (Until Her Series), Until Jax (Until Him Series) and Assumption (Underground Kings Series).


Sorry, I got sidetracked.  See how passionate I get while discussing books I love?!  Okay back to the story.  After chatting with ARR and her Husband, Corina told them about our conversation and how excited I would be if I could chat with them.  She texted me and of course, I couldn’t believe it!  I thought she was pranking me.

 We texted back and forth for a while,herphoto I asked random questions and asked her to let Aurora know how much I love her books and how excited I am about meeting her at RT when lo and behind she texts, “I’ll video call you, are you ready?” to which I respond “No!  My hair is a mess. LOL”  After gathering my composure and fixing my hair I received the call.   I can’t tell you how excited I was.  It meant so much to me that an author of her magnitude would take the time to do something like that for a fan.  She was super sweet and attempted to answer all my questions even though the restaurant was loud.  She asked for my favorite title and promised to get it to me.  It was truly an awesome moment for a booklover!

It was truly an experience I’ll never forget.  The experience was touching, but what really blew me away was her generosity.  I didn’t just receive one signed book, but her entire Until Series!


Now for the fun part!  This week we’re giving away  Until Ashlyn (Until Her Book 3) and the first in the newest series Until Jax (Until Him Book 1).

 The week after, we’re giving away THREE ebook copies of Aurora Rose Reynolds upcoming release – Until Sage (Until Him Book 2) coming out on May 9th 2017.

Check out my Facebook Page to enter!

2 thoughts on “My Fangirl Down Moment and Signed Paperback Giveaway

    1. Angela, I’ve warned a couple of my favorites who are attending RT Convention. I told them to expect tackle hugs!! 😂😂

      Wow 2 signing s this year! That’s so exciting. I’ll be expecting photos.


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