#BookReview: Between the Secrets by S. Ferguson

Title:  Between The Secrets

Author:  S. Ferguson

Genre:  Romance/ MM

Series:  Between #2


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◄◄ Goodreads Blurb ►►

Sometimes the past won’t let you escape no matter how much your future wants you to.

Jake James lives in the shadows of his shame. The guilt for what he’s done, for what was done to him, has left him hollow and haunted.

Greg Bissen just wants Jake to let him in, having accepted who he is a long time ago, he is desperate to break through Jake’s defenses.

When danger and an agonizing loss threatens to tear them apart, will Jake let the burdens of his past crush him?

Or can love really conquer all, even if it’s hiding in between the secrets?

This book contains strong adult content that may not be suitable for readers sensitive to hard to read subjects.

◄◄ My Thoughts ►►

 photo BetweenTheSecrets3.jpg

I’ve never been a cover-whore!! But this cover screamed “READ ME NOW”. Obviously, I had to comply.

I’m not a MM connoisseur, in fact, this is only my 3rd MM read. However, it worked for me on every level. The raw emotional aspect of the story and the ongoing action and drama added to my overall enjoyment. The star of this story is the emotional connection between the main characters. Greg is an amazing character! Total yum!

 photo BetweenTheSecrets5.jpg

This new author excels at binding the reader to the characters. The writing isn’t the most eloquent I’ve read, but that didn’t impact my enjoyment at all. I wanted to know these characters. I gave up sleep to finish their story. And I love my sleep!!

Here’s what I absolutely loved: Well, I’ve already mentioned Greg. I felt for him. He’s hiding in plain sight. He not only hides his sexuality, but also his feelings for his best friend. The pain of those secrets starts to eat away at him and I empathized with his pain.

Jake had a tough life growing up. Because of that, he acts out in ways that I may not understand, but are definitely believable. I felt for him and admired him at the same time!

It was truly great to see how Jake and those around him dealt with the various situations thrown at them over the course of the book. There’s a lot going on!

I also enjoyed seeing Bree and Declan get their happily ever after. I loved their story and it was great to see their progression.

Overall, this sexy little book was a hit with me. Things got a little dicey at the end with the new storyline, but I’m definitely interested to see how it all plays out.

I rate it 4 Solid Stars

***Available in Kindle Unlimited***

◄◄ About the Author ►►SFerguson

S. Ferguson is a military wife and mother of three. She loves to find beauty in the flawed and broken.

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