Ratings/Review Requests

How I rate

5 Stars –  The book blew me away.  It’s sheer perfection in my opinion!  The concept, writing, and pace were all flawless.  I can see myself re-reading it and will absolutely recommend and promote the book.

4 Stars – The book was great!  I would definitely recommend it to others.

3 Stars – The book was good, but could have been better.  There were issues, but nothing major.  I would likely recommend it, but only to those who enjoy the same sub-genre.

2 Stars – The book was just average or had multiple issues with concept, writing, or pace.

1 StarI did not connect with the book and would not recommend it.

If I DNF (did not finish) a book I will not leave a Star rating or review.  It’s highly unlikely that I will DNF a title unless the writing is truly awful or somehow offensive.

Review Requests:

I’m currently only accepting review requests for Paranormal,  Romance, and Young Adult titles.  I require the following information for consideration:

  1.  Title and  Author
  2. Book length
  3. Sub-genre (Historical romance, paranormal romance, contemporary romance, etc.),
  4. Steam level (is it a hot romance or sweet love story?)
  5. Publication date and blurb or concept summary. 
  6. Please let me know if you have a firm deadline for the review.  Please include all information in your message or email.  

I prefer the kindle (mobi) format, but will also accept pdf copies.  You may contact me via my Contact form or email tjluvsbooks@gmail.com using the subject line “Review Request”.  I will respond to your request within 48 hours.  Thanks! 

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